• 260mm x 360mm (Soft non-toxic PVC)

Pack Size: 

  • 1 pack

Product Description

The Cosy Heat Pad provides warmth for sick, young or debilitated animals & birds. The Cosy Heat Pad plugs in to a standard 240 volt electrical outlet. The pad works by gradually heating up the area under where the animal sits. The animal should have the ability to move off the heated area if it feels uncomfortable.

The heater produces a temperature on the pad surface of about 15-20°C above room temperature. Monitor the temperature where the animal rests with a thermometer. It should be between 20°C and 35°C, depending on the age and type of animal. Seek advice from a veterinarian or experienced animal carer if unsure of your animal’s needs.

Used for:

  • Hanging pouches for orphaned marsupials
  • Veterinary operating tables and recovery rooms
  • Reptiles as a ground-level heat source
  • Birds & mammals in hospital cages & boxes
  • Dog & cat beds