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  • Calcium 33g, Vitamin D3 25000 IU

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  • 50mL bottle (SKU: Vetafarm-Calcivet50)
  • 100mL bottle (SKU: Vetafarm-Calcivet100)
  • 250mL bottle (SKU: Vetafarm-Calcivet250)

Product Description

Calcivet has been formulated to supplement the diet of birds where calcium and Vitamin D3 may be low. It will also support breeding birds and their young with essential calcium. Vitamin D3 maximises calcium absorption in the gut.

Calcium supports shell formation and the normal development of bones in young birds. Regular use of Calcivet in seed eating birds will ensure adequate calcium for strong bones, muscle formation and general wellbeing.

SKU: Vetafarm-Calcivet50 Category: Tags: , ,