I-MED Animal Health Eye Care Products

I-MED Animal Health provide innovative solutions in therapeutic areas

Such as eye care, ocular hygiene & tear stain prevention, veterinary cataracts and glaucoma with over 30 years of experience! I-MED Animal Health offer the most sophisticated diagnostic tools to detect and accurately measure the osmolarity and tear volume levels associated with mild, moderate and severe dry eyes.

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I-DEFENSE VET (Ointment for Dry Eyes)

I-DEFENSE® VET is a long-lasting, lubricating ointment that delivers superior moisturizing and protection of the ocular surface of dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals.  It is recommended for animals with severe dry eyes and lagophthalmos, which is the inability to fully close the eyes during sleep.

  • Provides soothing lubrication and hydration for the effects of dry eyes, such as soreness, irritation or a gritty sensation on the eyes, while acting as a barrier against moisture loss.
  • Can be used during surgical procedures and is ideal for providing lubrication and hydration to companion animals that suffer from severe dry eyes and nocturnal lagophthalmos.
  • Can be used during the day or night. When used during the day, the animal may experience some blurring. It is most effective when used at night while the animal is asleep, to allow for the ointment to remain on the cornea longer.

Containing 0.40% sodium hyaluronate, a highly effective biopolymer, I DEFENSE® VET’s formulation is extremely effective at providing maximum, long-lasting lubrication and hydration for dry eyes and is well tolerated by the animal patient. Hyaluronan (HA) contributes to the maintenance of tissue hydration and aids in the treatment of dry eye disease.

How does Hyaluronan help treat dry eye?

  • HA promotes long-lasting corneal hydration
  • HA helps reduce ocular surface inflammation
  • HA helps stabilize the tear film by regulating the corneal epithelial cellular function and development
  • HA promotes healing and reduces the count of epithelial lesions caused by acute or chronic dry eye disease through the stimulation of cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation


I-DROP VET GEL (Lubricating Eye Drops)

I-DROP® VET viscoadaptive artificial tears effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eyes. It combines the advantages of the cohesive physical properties of the viscoelastic ingredient and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant.


I-DROP® VET (The Most Effective Viscoadaptive, Preservative-Free Artificial Tear Superior Relief)

  • For Severe Dry Eyes
  • Viscoadaptive Biopolymers
  • Preservative-free
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula
  • Immediate & long-lasting relief
  • Blink-activated re-coating
  • Fewer applications necessary


I-DROP® VET PLUS (Immediate Comfort and Lasting Lubrication and Hydration in an Economical Multidose Bottle)

  • For Acute or Seasonal Dry Eyes
  • Viscoadaptive Biopolymers
  • Convenient and economical multidose bottle


I-LENS VET (for veterinary IOLs)

I-LENS® K9 650 & K9 650HSM come in a complete range of sizes with a unique platform and made of P.U.R.E. material. Lenses come with the new Medicel Accuject™ Backloaded Injector for easy handling and insertion. They provide:

  • Overall Diameter for Non-Hep: 12.0, 13.0 or 14.0 mm
  • Overall Diameter for Hep: 11.0, 12.0, 13.0 or 14.0 mm
  • Optic Design: Biconvex
  • Optic Diameter: 6.5 mm (6.0 mm clear)
  • Angulation: Square Edge (5°)
  • Lens Material: Hydrophilic acrylic with optional heparin surface modification
  • Power: 41D
  • Sterilization: Autoclave

I-MED Animal Health is your best choice for veterinary IOLs.
Their intraocular lenses are:

  • Manufactured in an approved FDA facility
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Manufactured with human quality standards and materials


I-LID ’N LASH VET (Tear Stain & Facial Fold Odor Prevention and Ocular Hygiene)

I-LID ’N LASH® VET is the safest and most effective way of cleaning the lid and lashes by helping to remove extra-ocular debris and reducing the bio-burden, while treating ocular surface inflammation. Give your animal patients another chance to break the dry eye cycle with daily ocular hygiene.  Proper daily cleansing, in addition to a treatment based on tear lubricants, helps to restore corneal health. One simple daily application is highly effective, safe and gentle. No risk of systemic antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

  • Highly safe and effective at preventing the formation of tear stains on the fur surrounding the eyes.
    Simply apply the product in a circular motion on the fur surrounding the eyes (no need to rinse-off) where it will work to prevent tear stains, while hydrating the skin.
  • Prevent odors when used to clean facial folds in certain breeds of dogs.
    This unpleasant issue can most often be found in Bloodhounds, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Chinese Shar-Peis, Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Pekingeses and Pugs.
  • Eliminate facial fold odors at the affected area with a once-a-day application.
    Simply apply the product in between the folds (no need to rinse it off) where it will work to reduce the bio-burden, while hydrating the skin.


I-SUTURE (Surgical Accessories: Suture)

I-SUTURE PGLA suture is a synthetic absorbable suture with superb handling through tissue, high tensile strength through the critical wound healing period, and excellent knot security and tie down.

  • The PGLA suture retains approximately 75% of the original tensile strength at 2 weeks and 50% at 3 weeks during subcutaneous tissue implantation studies in rats.
  • Absorption of I-SUTURE is essentially complete between 90 and 100 days.
  • I-SUTURE PGLA suture is a synthetic absorbable suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide (PGLA). It is coated with calcium stearate and 30:70 poly(glycolide-co-L-lactide).


I-VISC VET (Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices (OVDS))

The function of ophthalmic viscoelastic devices (OVDs) include the stabilization of the anterior chamber during capsulorhexis and IOL implantation, and the protection of the endothelium during phacoemulsification, irrigation and aspiration.

  • I-MED Pharma’s proprietary line of Veterinary OVD’s is intended for use as a viscosurgical-aid in various veterinary AS surgical procedures.
  • They are indicated whenever protection and support of delicate cells and tissues are needed in ophthalmic veterinary procedures.


MONOBLUE SafR – (Trypan Blue)

Trypan blue helps surgeons visualize the bag when performing capsulorhexis and other anterior segment procedures. MONOBLUE SafR also improves tolerance of trypan blue thanks to purification of the raw material and the addition of mannitol.

  • To ensure maximum tolerance, the exclusive proprietary purification process guarantees the extraction of toxic components such as toludine – violet, and monoazo, thereby improving tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.
  • The addition of mannitol, known for its antioxidant properties, combined with the already-purified trypan blue, enhances the tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.
  • The high percentage of blue >95% in MONOBLUE SafR enhances its staining power on the capsule, or the tissues of the anterior segment such as Descemet’s membranes, trabeculum, etc.
  • The use of a long pre-filled syringe and specific plunger guarantees a smooth, controlled injection.


VET SHIELD (72-hour Absorbable Collagen Corneal Shield)

I-MED Animal Health offers VET SHIELDTM which is ideal for the protection of ocular surfaces following corneal surgery, trauma, abrasions or ulcers.  It forms a permeable, non-refractive protective barrier on the surface of the cornea for a period of at least 3 days. The VET SHIELDTM allows water-based medications to pass through and reach the traumatized cornea, but it is not permeable to ointments and oil-based solutions.

VET SHIELD™ is an ophthalmic corneal shield made of clear, pliable, bovine collagen designed to start degrading within 72 hours.  It forms a permeable, non-refractive protective barrier on the surface of the cornea for a period of at least 3 days.

  • Protective corneal barrier
  • Permeable to most medications
  • Non-refractive
  • Dissolves in 72 hours

This product is ideal for the protection of the ocular surface following corneal surgery, trauma and ulcers & abrasions. Any infection must be treated prior to the use of VET SHIELD™.


January 27, 2022